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Unlock your French confidence
Uniquely tailored classes for expats in Switzerland


I'm Céline and moved to Switzerland seven years ago. Before that, I lived in the United States. I  became fluent in English studying at the university there and seeing the excitement around French, I decided to change my major to teaching my own language. I moved to the US for good then or at least I thought so...


What to expect in my classes

I believe anyone can acquire French while having fun, among "friends".

In my classes, we focus on communication for real life using accessible French. You will get the self-confidence you need to make yourself understood in various situations. It may change your life.

What my students say

Céline has always made the class enjoyable and effective with a little bit of revision while adding new information. Her teaching technique is fun and easily understandable, with learning games and a steady pace to ensure everyone understands before tackling something new.

Jason Dowling

In Céline's classes I have built up my confidence to start communicating in French again. I have developed a range of vocabulary that I can use in my daily life living in Switzerland.

Mary Thain

Céline's classes gave me the most practical and useful French phrases that I was able to use immediately in my daily life here in Switzerland. It gave me the confidence to go out and the community and communicate effectively in real life settings.

Jennifer Guasto

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